How SunSeal™ Works

SunSeal™: Harnessing the Power of Microskin™ for Superior Sun Protection

The patented Microskin™ technology used in SunSeal™ suspends the active UVA/B blockers to make them last longer on the skin and be more effective than any other skin or sun care product available anywhere else today.

When SunSeal™ is applied to the skin, the Microskin™ technology creates a protective film that acts just like your natural skin. This film is flexible, breathable, and allows for fluids to pass in and out of the skin just like it normally would does. Because of the Microskin™ film, SunSeal™ provides a waterproof barrier that ensures long-lasting sun protection, eliminating the need for frequent reapplication. With SunSeal™, you can enjoy up to three days of coverage without compromising on effectiveness.


The Microskin™ technology used in SunSeal™ is a liquidised simulated skin that performs in three distinct ways.

01 When the delivery agent of the Microskin™ film evaporates it leaves a waterproof film on the skins surface. The Microskin™ film is used to suspend active ingredient particles to which we use to develop the specialised and extremely unique range of Microskin™ products available today.


02 After the evaporation phase, the cellulosic and oil components in the Microskin™ film migrate towards the skins surface and partially enter the Corneum layer which are our dead skin cells. This assists in binding the now dried Microskin film to the skins surface and provides exceptional elasticity to the Microskin™ film. As Microskin™ is formulated on more Lipophilic (Oil based) ingredients these components have a difficult job continuing deeper than the Corneum layer due to the lower epidermal layer having a higher water concentration and therefore considered more Lipophobic (Oil resistant). As we all know water and oil do not mix, so this keeps the Microskin™ and any of the ingredients suspended in it from being absorbed into the skin. 


03 At this time the Microskin™ film has dried and it is attached to the Corneum layer. Now everyones skin is different, some oily, some dry but what we do know is that it takes from 3-10 days for our dead skin cells (Corneum layer) to naturally shed. That is how Microskin™ naturally leaves our skin.  


The end result is a longer lasting active product that is safe for the whole family on your skin. Microskin does not harm or irritate the skin as it is not absorbed into the skin. The Microskin film is made from food grade ingredients and in over 18 years of sales all over the world we have not had any adverse reactions.