Are you faced with a new approach to your day? Is it endless hours with little or no structure or have you become an overnight home-schooling parent. Regardless of your new role, there are some basic tips that can help you to navigate the coming days, weeks and months.

Keeping a routine helps us manage the core hours in the day:

Keep a ‘to do’ list - making a list of jobs to get underway around the house or garden or a task list for work. This helps you to stay focused and prevents jumping from one thing to the next – and boy is it satisfying to cross off those completed tasks.

If you’re working from home now, then try to eliminate distractions – rather than float around the house with your laptop trying to find some quiet space, create a dedicated workspace.

Take regular breaks throughout the day whilst working – morning break, lunch, afternoon break - and when possible pause and take a few deep breaths. Move away from your workspace, perhaps even get out into the garden on your breaks and breathe – wherever you are, just be sure to grab some moments to pause and be present.

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it is so important to move, exercise is known to benefit our mood and overall wellbeing. You do not need special equipment. Use what you have around your home and your own body weight. Take 5 minutes each day to move and stretch your body and don’t forget to focus on breathing. Breathing exercises are so important for healthy lungs and our body. Take a look at this video by Joe Wicks

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Ensure you are having a balanced diet and plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables. Try to eat a variety of colours (eg: Eat the Rainbow) and experiment with some new healthy recipes. Get out those cookery books, find recipes online and get creative.  Plan regular mealtimes and avoid snacking. And be sure to drink plenty of water throughout the day – 8 glasses is the recommended amount – so keep a water checklist and see how you do each day. Staying hydrated is super important for your body and most importantly your largest organ - your skin.



Do something you enjoy. Read, listen to music, cook, learn, journal, paint or draw. There are so many things you can start to explore so make this time matter.

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Schedule in a phone call or online zoom calls with friends, family, work colleagues or your neighbours – this can really help to prevent feelings of loneliness, isolation and emotional highs and lows.  Also, join a local community, whether a Facebook Group, a neighbourhood WhatsApp group or a group related to your hobby or interests. As well as sharing with friends, colleagues and family, this gives you an opportunity to share with a wider group, keeping each other inspired and connected – so powerful if feeling overwhelmed or fearful – reminding you that we’re all in this together.

We want to be part of your community too, so do stay connected via Twitter, Facebook or Instagram via @yourmicroskin and reach out to us whenever you need to during this time — we are here for you. ❤️️

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